Green Goo

The document below details a condition in electrical wiring installation of a certain age, where an additive was commonly used in the cable construction, which after time degrades and causes the cable to leak a bright green goo, often found oozing out of sockets and on the plug pins of appliances.

Green Goo Img

In bad cases, as well as requiring frequent cleaning, this can effect the insulation which can allow electricity to pass between the otherwise protected wiring. 

There are some measures you can take to reduce the effect, but more importantly it is wise to see how far the problem has gone.

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Requelec would be happy to come and perform and Insulation Resistance test on the effected circuits and provide you with current readings. These might then be used to compare with future readings to check the rate of degradation; and will also assure you the cables are currently within specification.

Flat Fee £50