Security PIR Lighting

An outside light with a built in PIR is an energy efficient way of ensuring that your home is safe and secure. It will welcome visitors and light their way or can be used to brightly light vulnerable areas after dark. Sensor lights only illuminate when they detect movement so save energy.

PIR stands for passive infrared. Any light describes as being a PIR security light or a sensor security light has an infrared sensor built in. This sensor acts as a switch when movement is detected and switches the fitting on for a set period of time. This acts as a deterrent to anyone lurking around after dark and saves energy too by only switching it on when it is needed.

Up until a few years ago they were mainly connected to bulkhead lights and flood lights but today there is a vast selection of security lighting in a variety of styles that have integral PIR sensor units.

Security lights fall nicely into two main categories. Those designed to welcome visitors and those designed to deter crime. A traditional style with a built in PIR sensor will automatically switch on when someone approaches your door or path. A high power security floodlight fitted in a vulnerable area will deter unwelcome visitors after dark.

Many of them are also fitted with a photo-cell to make them even more efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly. A photo-cell, also known as a dusk till dawn sensor, is a simple device that measures the outside light levels. The photo-cell switches the PIR on automatically at dusk and off again at dawn.